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Bookshare Reader  by Benetech 

  • Reading System Bookshare Reader 
  • Vendor Benetech
  • Assistive Technology: NVDA 
  • OS: Windows 
  • Browser: Edge 
  • Tested with Braille: No
  • Tested with Screenreader: Yes
  • Input type: Keyboard

Results for Basic Functionality: 53.33%

Last updated: 4 April 2023

Test book used: Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Basic Functionality, version 1.0.0

Test results for Basic Functionality
Test ID Name Description Result Notes
file-010 Operating system/Platform accessibility If you are using a hardware device, it can be started independently and essential accessibility for starting and exiting applications is available. Pass
file-110 The reading system can be activated independently If you are using a reading app that requires you to create an online account then the complete getting started process should be accessible. Pass
file-210 Open content Open the Fundamental Accessibility Test book in the reading system. Pass
file-310 Listing documents Check if you can navigate inside the bookshelf. Pass
nav-005 The table of contents in the app presents the content hierarchy Check if the table of Contents is accessible and its hierarchy is presented correctly by the reading system Pass
nav-010 Navigate to chapters through the Table of Contents Check if you can navigate to a section by using the table of contents. Fail
nav-110 Navigate content by pages Check if you can navigate the content by pages. Fail
nav-210 Navigate forward and backward through reflowed content Use any control or command to navigate forward and backwards in the book content. Pass
nav-310 Read navigation information Use the "Where am I?" or any other similar command available in the reading system and check if you can get information about your current position in the book. Pass
nav-410 Perform a search, review the search results Perform a search, review the search results and navigate to the selected search result in the content. Fail
nav-510 Move across chapters without using TOC Check if you can move across chapters without having to use the Table of Contents. Pass
anno-010 Add a Bookmark or Highlight Some reading systems may have a Highlight feature in place of Bookmarks. The tests for Bookmarks may then be performed with Highlights. Fail
anno-110 Review and navigate Bookmarks or Highlights Check if you can review and navigate Bookmarks or Highlights. Fail
anno-210 Add a note Add a Note at this location in the book. Provide a few lines of text in the Note. Fail There is no notes function at this time, but the reader may want to cut and paste and take notes in a separate document, such as in a word processer or text file.
anno-310 Review and navigate Notes Check if you can review and navigate Notes. Fail