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Thorium Reader (German)  by EDR Labs  

  • Reading System Thorium Reader (German) 
  • Vendor EDR Labs
  • OS: Windows 
  • Tested with Braille: No
  • Tested with Screenreader: No
  • Input type: Keyboard

Results for Visual Adjustments: 75%

Last updated: 16 December 2021

Test book used: Fundamental Accessibility Tests: Visual Adjustments, version 1.0.0


Thorium 1.6/ Windows 10. This app was tested with the German interface. Beside the missing option to enlarge SVG images and to apply a higher contrast mode, Thorium and Windows offer a wide range of options for the presentation of the text.

Test results for Visual Adjustments
Test ID Name Description Result Notes
visual-010 Change font size Use the controls available in the application or else in the operating system to change (increase/decrease) the size of the font. The font size change should apply uniformly on all the book content including the Table of Contents, Footnotes, Page List, Notes and Bookmarks. Pass However the font size of captions, bookmarks and the TOC is not affected by the adjustment. In particular the font size of the captions doesn’t increase and decrease proportionally to the rest of the text. Larger font sizes would be welcomed. Nethertheless via the settings of the operating system the text can be further adjusted by using a provided slider. This time the font size of captions, bookmarks and the TOC is affected and can be configured accordingly. In this test it was not possible to check the font size of the page list or the notes because this sort of navigation and editing was not available in the test e-book.
visual-110 Change background and foreground color Change background and foreground colour (May be through reading system feature or through OS settings). Pass Via the upper menu bar the menu „motive“ can be selected. There, three options are provided: neutral, sepia and night time. Except the input field for a search the color theme is applied uniformely. More color themes would be welcomed. However, via the settings of Windows more color options are provided. By activating them the user interface of Thorium as well as the book content are affected which includes the search field too.
visual-210 Change brightness Use the controls available in the application or else in the operating system to change (increase/decrease) the screen brightness. Pass The brightness can be adjusted via the settings of Windows or by using the familiar shortcut.
visual-310 Apply high contrast system configuration The reading system interface and book content except images should respect the high contrast mode (invert colors) if present in the Operating System. Fail Through the settings of Windows a higher contrast mode can be set but the e-book content and the user interface of Thorium are not affected by the adjustment.
visual-410 Magnify the User Interface(UI) Use the controls available in the application or else in the operating system to magnify the Reading System screen. All aspects of the User Interface such as Menus, Pop-up Windows, Dialog Boxes and Search Box should get magnified uniformly. Pass Within the setting of Windows the user interface and reading screen can be magnified. By using the zoom factor the desire magnification can be determined. All aspects of the user interface are increased uniformely but when using a higher zoom factor the text gets more pixelated and thereby less readable.
visual-510 Change Font Choose from a selection of fonts, including sans-serif and serif options. Pass Via the submenu „text“ different fonts can be found. There are 8 fonts provided, 4 without serifs and 4 with serifs. Via the entry „…“ and the corresponding input field you can search for other fonts installed on the Windows device.
visual-610 Support for SVG Check if a image is displayed below this paragraph. This image is in SVG format. Pass SVG images are supported. The grey circle is visible.
visual-710 Enlarge SVG image Check if the image given in the previous test can be enlarged. Fail There is no obvious option to increase the SVG image.